People seek psychologists and counselors to help them understand their emotional distress and to discover ways in which to successfully find their way back to contentment in their lives. Even when the emotional mine fields one faces are arduous and troublesome, they are not impossible to navigate. I recognize that the decision to seek counseling takes courage and a commitment to change. No two clients are alike and I employ a variety of treatment approaches to meet the specific needs of each person. We start by developing a safe haven to sort out the problems and issues so that anything can be brought forward and discussed.

Psychologists and counselors have a wide range of specialties and areas of focus based on our training and experience. This enables us to help you delve into the root(s) of the problems you are experiencing. By specializing, we can better foster the repair work and healing that will assist you in reaching your personal goals.

Although I enjoy a wide variety of counseling situations, I specialize in the following:

The following list represents other areas in which I have significant experience:

The hardest part of approaching a psychotherapist is to take that first step of calling for an appointment. However, once you have taken this step, we can work together toward making the changes you desire.

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