As new and overwhelming as the diagnosis of infertility is to each of you, your family and friends can be overwhelmed by the feeling of "not knowing" how to support you. Infertility is such a personal experience, creating a greater need for sensitivity for all who are experiencing it, including the family and friends of those impacted by infertility. It may also initiate emotional reactions in them that are unexpected and the news of your infertility crisis may bring up painful emotional issues from their own past. We become more empowered if, when we are able to emotionally, we teach them how to be our best advocate and offer the support that is helpful versus painful and disappointing. The following is a list of ideas that may provide some guidance for you in talking with friends and family.

This "HELPING FAMILIES AND FRIENDS HELP YOU" sheet is a synthesis of recommendations found in a variety of sources. These include:

Prepared by: Diann Shannon, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, LLC

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