Couples face overwhelming issues that may bring their relationship to a critical distress point. Examples include infidelity, infertility, sexual problems, one or both partners experiencing emotional and/or physical disconnection, communication break downs, repetitive fighting, clashing parenting styles and problems arising from a step-parent situation. When couples find their relationship negatively impacted by issues like these, working with an experienced psychotherapist is frequently beneficial.

These types of struggles can become a weighted anchor in a relationship. Although the couple may be working to understand and resolve the disturbances they are experiencing, they may also feel like their relationship is in crisis. The couple can begin to have difficulty identifying a constructive path forward under these circumstances and may begin entertaining the idea that divorce is the solution. If you are at this point, call for an appointment and give yourself, each other and your relationship a chance to discover a constructive path that could lead to the strengthening and healing of your relationship.

During these stressful times couples need some place to help them hold on to what is precious about their couple relationship. I am committed to helping you and/or your partner discover the roadblocks that are interfering with your relationship and assist you and/or the two of you in traversing the emotional maze you find yourselves in. The ultimate goal is to strengthen you and your couple relationship.

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