HELPING FAMILIES AND FRIENDS HELP YOU: "As new and overwhelming as the diagnosis of infertility is to each of you, your family and friends can be overwhelmed by the feeling of "not knowing" how to support you. Infertility is such a personal experience, creating a greater need for sensitivity for all who are experiencing it, including the family and friends of those impacted by infertility..."

COPING AND INFERTILITY: "Educate yourself regarding the normal and natural responses to infertility. Everyone going through infertility can feel like they are in significant crisis. Learning about these normal reactions can help by normalizing your experience..."

INFERTILITY: WHEN PROFESSIONAL HELP IS NEEDED: "Discovering that you are infertile can create immediate acute psychological pain and grief for each of you. The unexpected diagnosis, the difficult treatment decisions you may face, the potential for prolonged infertility intervention with no clear endings, and the grief and loss that each of you may experience may be better managed with professional help..."

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